Allor Piano Studio


Students are accepted on a term basis; however, if a student enters mid-term, the fee will be prorated reflecting the number of weeks remaining in the semester. Summer fees are calculated according to the number of lessons taken, with a 6 lesson minimum. Fees are due before the first lesson of the term. Any deviation from this must be discussed in advance with the teacher. Please note that no refund will be made for early withdrawal. The cost of music materials is not included in the tuition.

Practice Commitments

I have high expectations of my students and want them to achieve satisfaction through their music making. Student progress is directly dependent on consistent practice. Students are expected to practice six days a week for the same amount as their lesson time. For younger students (age 4-6), it can be helpful to split the half hour into two fifteen minute segments. For this age group, parental involvement is necessary for successful practicing. Older students are expected to be independent with their practice and held responsible for assignments. Because I fully commmit myself to my students, the same is expected from the students and the parents.

Missed Lessons

The teacher is under no obligation to make up lessons missed by the student. Lessons postponed by the teacher will be made up before the end of the term. If a teacher has scheduled a makeup lesson, the time having been agreed upon by the parent, the teacher is under no obligation to make up this lesson should the student be absent.


Students should arrive on time and be prepared with all music books and lesson materials. If a student arrives without their music, the lesson will be canceled and no make-up offered. Students should not be dropped off early and are expected to be picked up promptly at each lesson.

Student participation in the two formal recitals is required and families are expected to attend the full length of each recital.